Holjat – It’s the feeling


Holjat is a relaxed festival held at Forssa located in the middle of southern Finland. The two day festival gathers people from close by and from further to Forssa marketplace traditionally on the first weekend of August. This year the two day festival is held on 31.7. – 1.8.2020.

Holjat is made of two parts each day; day event and evening event. During the evenings the festival will transform to a music festival with some of the leading artists of Finland on the stage.

The evening event starts at 6pm each day and will require a ticket from each visitor. Friday evening event is meant for all ages. On Saturday the evening event is only for adults (18 years and over).

See You at Holjat 31.7. – 1.8.2020

Friday August 31.7.2020
Blindberry Ghost

Saturday August 1.8.2020
Antti Ketonen
Paula Koivuniemi
Divet Show